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The Norwegian Association of Pension Funds

The Norwegian Association of Pension Funds is an member organisation whose purpose is to work for a strengthened Norwegian pension industry and the best possible regulations and legal frameworks for pension funds.

More specifically, the objective of the pension funds is to operate, so that the return of the assets is high and the administration costs low. These conditions are essential for the pension funds to be able to meet the obligations on the basis of reasonable contributions to pension funds.  

The Norwegian Association of Pension Funds’ objectives

  • Develop the membership funds through dissemination and exchange of expertise and information
  • Promote good conditions for membership funds
  • Issue statements on behalf of the membership funds in issues relating to pension in general andĀ management and operation of pension fundsĀ 
  • Contribute to more cost-effective operation ofĀ memberĀ funds through cooperation on jointĀ procurementĀ and development of servicesĀ 
  • ServeĀ otherĀ common interests

These objectives will be achieved in part by active cooperation with all pension schemes for private, municipal, county and state employees, as well as with other organisations, associations and public authorities.  


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